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Altar I March 2024 progress report
Published 31 March 2024 at 13:30GMT

The final hurdle is coming up for Altar I, and we're playing a waiting game while parts are finished and shipped. Pre-assembly begins in the coming days and runs through most of April, and final assembly the end of April and May 2024. May 2024 is the latest estimate for pre-orders shipping to customers. Electronic Materials Office is also moving to a new premises in London!


Altar I plates — the final part that will allow us to begin pre-assembly — will arrive in the coming days. Pre-assembly, where the majority of the device is put together, will run through most of April.

Final parts then arrive at the end of April, and final assembly takes place. Final assembly will run through most of May.

Pre-orders will be shipped out on a rolling basis as devices are completed throughout May 2024.

Hardware updates complete

In the previous update we talked about changes to the orange knob tip and plastic access hatch on the underside of Altar I. Both these changes are now completed and verified.

New Electronic Materials Office® premises

We're excited to announce that Electronic Materials Office will be moving to a new office space in April! Up to this point Electronic Materials Office had been based out of an apartment in North London, and it's been getting rather cramped.

The new studio space is located on Morning Lane in Hackney, East London: A bustling area full of creatives and independent businesses. The building was originally designed by David Adjaye as part of the "Hackney Walk" development around 2016, but has sat abandoned for the last several years. We're excited to be one of the first companies to take up residence in the building since its redevelopment.

Other updates

Internally we've been developing and streamlining our fulfilment process, and will continue to do so to get ready for shipping out pre-orders.

We've been developing custom packaging to ship parts from factory to factory that will drastically speed up the assembly process.

What's next

Focus will be on pre-assembling Altar I devices for April 2024, then shifting to final assembly around the end of April and May 2024.